Our delicious Peach Bellini Herbal Tea is homage to a cocktail that has provided many a daydream of exotic getaways, minus the airports. Zesty flavors of peach, strawberry, mango, pineapple, and papaya blended together to create a tasty, refreshing cup of sunshine in the summer or winter. 

Summertime in Italy, you’ll find peaches-a-plenty and Prosecco flowing in the fountains. In 1948, Giuseppe Cipriani, a bar owner in Venice, Italy, was inspired by the “pink glow” from a 15th century Italian painting. An artist in his own right, Cipriani, through his alchemy, invented a drink that put his beautiful, beloved Italy in a glass. Named after, Giovanni Bellini, an Italian Renaissance Artist, this colorful drink is a favorite for those looking for a tropical treat. Today, the Bellini—a cocktail made from Prosecco and peach purée—as well as Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, are world-renowned. Now you can enjoy the cocktail or the tisane. Take your pick!