Queen Susie's Mint Collection

Her prized jewels are strength, humility and faith and she
would say that her daughters are her crowning glory. Throughout her life she served those that were put in her path and bestowed wisdom to those who sought her out. She is smart, discerning, witty and feisty. Never one to tolerate foolishness, she is famous for looking at you with indifference asking “and your point is...what?”  As a single mother, she faced many obstacles, but she surrounded herself with the fortitude of family and had incredible women of character, her comrades, that helped to hold up her arms. Over her lifetime, she learned how to get on her knees in prayer, so she could stand and look fear in the face and never back down.

In 2012, when faced with the diagnosis of dementia, she
began the fight of her life to hold onto who she was. Today, even without words, she continues to fight. We know that with every smile, every kiss, and every look into those green eyes, she is still fighting. And we, her daughters, are committed to fight right alongside of her.