The Dalian Teapot Set


Enjoy the exquisite style of a hand-crafted work of art with The Dalian, a Yixing Teapot Set, steeped in Chinese history and culture. Yixing teapots, are made of the rare zisha clay (which means purple sand) found only within the surrounding areas the city of Yixing. Traditionally, an iconic symbol of luxury and privilege,   Yixing teapots were created to enjoy premium teas, primarily oolongs through gong fu style brewing. Gong fu cha allows one to taste the evolution of a tea through multiple, short infusions in very small quantities.

The Dailian Tea set includes:

  • One 8 oz Yixing teapot
  • Two 2oz Yixing tea cups

This teapot will absorb the essence of the tea, so its recommended to dedicate a Yixing to a particular type of tea


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